Matthew Oleynik

Legal tech nerd

I’m Matthew. I’m a research lawyer in Toronto. I founded I support CanLII, disruptive legal tech, and the free law movement. I write and speak regularly on criminal law issues and contribute to the Bottom Line in Criminal Law.

Views expressed here are mine alone, and none of it constitutes legal advice.

What I’ve written

The Bottom Line in Criminal Law. Co-author. 2010 – 2019.

99 Canadian Problems: What the song 99 Problems can teach us about vehicle stops, racial profiling, and search-and-seizure law in Canada. 2016 CanLIIDocs 4216.

Straitjackets, Historical Portraits, and the Bullet & Powder: What R v Lacasse says about sentencing and sentencing ranges. 36:4 (March 2016) For the Defence 50.

Are you ready for Pharmageddon? Prescription opiate abuse and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. 35:3 (July 2014) For the Defence 31.

What makes or breaks a Charter argument on a youth pedestrian stop? 54:1 (August 2008) Criminal Law Quarterly 79.

Courtroom Drama. (2006) The Walrus Magazine.